The Challenge

The Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which includes a full-service, luxury med spa, came to AM PR with a need to promote a new service offering, CoolSculpting, to men and women in the community. The center was presented with two challenges: standing out in a highly competitive market thanks to CoolSculpting’s availability at dermatologists and standalone centers as well, and overcoming cost barriers.

The Goal

The campaign’s goal was to increase traffic to the Center for Plastic and Reconstruction’s (CPRS) website to generate more interest in CoolSculpting consultations. Content focused on education around the service to deliver knowledgeable customers to the center.

AM PR managed an influencer and paid social media campaign with clearly defined targeting for men and women of certain interests, incomes and lifestyle factors.

The nature and requirements of the service afforded few options for influencers to work with. However, AM PR identified Jennifer Hay of My Boys & Their Toys, an Orlando-based lifestyle and mommy blogger with an interest in CoolSculpting after having children. Jennifer detailed her entire CoolSculpting journey along with a medspa service giveaway to drive readers to CPRS platforms. CPRS Facebook and Instagram accounts boosted Jennifer’s content to maximize reach.

After starting her sessions, CPRS started to see an immediate influx to its website and in social media likes and followers.

The Result

This campaign increased traffic to the CPRS website by 20 percent, with new visitors up by 21 percent, meaning it was successful in reaching untapped customers for the spa. The CPRS social media platforms also saw a 5 percent bump in followers, which was not a goal of the influencer content or ads but a natural benefit to increasing overall awareness.

The social media promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram generated more than 30,000 impressions within the target audience. Jennifer Hays reported 6,000 impressions to her content, with video views at 500+ on her consultations.