“Bringing AM PR to our team was one of the best decisions we have made as a company.  Ashley is tireless, intelligent, creative and a true pleasure to work with. Ashley has coached us to be better storytellers, and she has shaped a communications strategy for us that has been a true game changer in a niche space with remarkable challenges.  If you are looking for someone to help with communications, I would just stop right now and contact AM PR. Seriously, why are you still reading this?”

Justin Barad, MD

The Challenge

Osso VR is a fast-growing medtech startup taking the surgical world by storm. It seeks to solve one of medicine’s biggest problems: the way surgeons are trained. The challenge is that the medical community at large has been sweeping this problem under the rug. Osso VR’s marketing and communications efforts delicately yet boldly sought to highlight the problem and emerging technology as a solution.

The Goal

This campaign used a media relations strategy to create awareness of the training gap and educate target audiences on its tie to patient outcomes and medical device adoption. Target media outlets included medical device trade, business, science and technology outlets, and healthcare business publications where the decision makers are following news.

The Result

AM PR delivered robust messaging and positioning strategy for the entire company to use, which was regularly updated to reflect the company’s incredible momentum and was key in the development of and training around key talking points for areas of perceived weakness and opportunities to stand out. The campaign generated:

Media relations has placed Osso VR’s passionate thought leader, Dr. Justin Barad, in front of KOLs and executives that are important to the future of the company. Additionally, the program has been a springboard for speaking opportunities and award recognitions coming to the company as a result of exposure, such as the company’s 2019 Fast Company recognition as a Most Innovative Company.