“The quality and cadence of stories from our campaign has given our marketing and sales efforts new momentum. The campaign has also helped us further build our relationships with our customers as the team works closely with them to tell compelling stories that benefit all parties. They understand how to take complex technology and partners we work with and simplify the story for press to build credibility and visibility.”

G.T. LaBorde

The Challenge

IllumiCare’s limited marketing resources left scores of missed opportunities for the company to highlight the very unique things its technology is achieving. The company was a PR goldmine of data on the cost and risks of care and case studies demonstrating impressive ROI. AM PR stepped in to organize these powerful stories and implement a strategy behind maximizing where and when to tell them.

The Goal

IllumiCare’s media relations efforts focused on the health IT trade news sites and healthcare business media. The hospital influencer or key decision maker for IllumiCare’s fairly complex IT product lives and breathes the news in those outlets. Highlighting the success stories of implementations also sought to “butter up” customers where IllumiCare wanted to expand the partnership or to pique the interest of competitor hospitals. Lastly, IllumiCare sought to own the idea of clinical stewardship in patient care and use media coverage to spread awareness of the term.

The Result

Media relations efforts have achieved all three of the campaign’s  goals, with key highlights including:

  • Expansion of IllumiCare’s technology in Georgia hospitals by featuring a partnership with the hospital association in Healthcare Informatics
  • Direct targeting of finance and C-suite executives at hospitals with features in target trade, such as RevCycle Intelligence, SearchHealth IT and Modern Healthcare.
  • Regular promotion of innovative technology updates, including the launch of the controlled substance app that AM PR positioned around blind spots in opioid prescribing – HIT Consultant and Healthcare IT News
  • Regional and trade media coverage, highlighting physician users’ glowing recommendations of the technology in Houston’s largest regional paper, the Houston Chronicle, and a top industry outlet, HealthLeaders.
  • Highlighting case studies and statistics with IllumiCare’s hospital and clinical partners, including VigiLanz, Pack Health and Queen’s Hawaii, resulting in coverage in the Hawaii Business Journal, Healthcare IT News, and the Birmingham Business Journal.
  • Multiple thought leadership opportunities claiming and promoting the idea of clinical stewardship to physicians through popular sites like KevinMD and Health  Affairs.