You may be curious about the launch of our new offering called PR Breakthrough Bootcamp recently!

If you’re looking for details on it and how to purchase bootcamp, you can skip this and jump to the bootcamp website.

For those curious about bootcamp’s backstory, here is our WHY.

Our agency works with companies of all shapes and sizes. Being boutique allows us the flexbility to do so and to be selective. This means we can’t always be the right partner for every brand, and often times, a brand’s resources play a role in that. This doesn’t mean the story the brand has to tell isn’t “good.” Usually, it is totally viable for a media relations push at least!

We work with a lot of tech companies. We got tired of telling an exciting, early-stage company with a product launch or a funding round to share that the campaign isn’t robust enough or the budget isn’t there.

So, we got to thinking about how we can better support our friends in this scenario. Those that aren’t quite ready for a full-fledge PR team to come in, but that have something strategic to get out there. We’re calling this small-scale media relations/PR.

This is why we created an on-demand resource, PR Breakthrough Bootcamp, that puts narrow narrative development and targeted press outreach into a managable and actionable formula for these companies.

The result also became a decent introduction to media relations for marketers, entry-level PR folks, etc. Our test group felt strongly about serving this audience!

We’re very proud of the information shared in bootcamp and believe it to be truely useful to brands in this position.

Go check out PR Breakthrough Bootcamp and spread the word to brands and people that fit this bill!