Shayna Korol, now working in the research world, was a go-to for our clients in the medtech space. She delivered speedy, yet comprehensive coverage on industry news. Prior to leaving Becker’s Spine Review, she took a few minutes to provide insight into what reporters are looking for a Becker’s Healthcare publications.

Before we dig in, some examples of stories Shayna has worked on with us can be found at:

  1. What do you believe readers of Becker’s publications are most interesting in hearing about?

For Becker’s Hospital Review, [while I don’t contribute much content to that publication], I would say health IT developments and news related to healthcare executives.

For Becker’s ASC Review, I would say trends towards outpatient surgical procedures are of interest.

For Becker’s Spine Review, readers are interested in practice trends, practice management, breaking news about orthopedic and neurosurgical spine innovation and regenerative medicine.

2. How do companies best relay what is going on in their company to get covered?

Generally companies send us press releases to cover. Occasionally, they connect us with someone for a Q&A in addition to the press release coverage.

3. What kind of news do you personally get excited about?

I like news about clinical advancements and opportunities, medical education, and patient outcomes. I’m also interested in learning more about technology like wearables and their impact on orthopedics and spine surgery.

4. What tips can you give for working with Becker’s reporters? What’s one thing that is helpful to a story but seems always “left out” or forgotten?

Knowing who to send what content to is helpful, but coverage areas do sometimes change. Please don’t be shy to send follow-up emails—we get a lot of messages, so sometimes things slip through.

Sometimes the “why” of it is missing; the context into which the story is part of/the bigger picture.

5. Do you have a story you can share about how coverage in Becker’s has impacted readers or a company covered?

I know that a Becker’s Hospital Review article about a job posting helped an executive find a new position. In terms of Becker’s Spine Review, readers have told me our coverage raises interest and awareness of new industry developments among the surgeons at their facilities.