If your company seeks to reach healthcare executives, this very targeted and highly respected industry publication should be on your media list.

HealthLeaders takes the time to craft detailed stories of interest to its readers coupled with major industry news. For many companies, finding the right pieces for the story that validate the service or product presented is a challenge. One benefit of this outlet is that is has a dedicated innovation editor, Mandy Roth, for those with a story that discusses an emerging technology or entirely new approach.

How to Get Mandy’s Attention (From Our Perspective)

Our relationship with Mandy has always been one of collaborations. While she won’t budge on providing concrete examples of value and proof of impact, she is always open to discussing the angle and brainstorming  what you do have to offer that she can work with. Unlike some reporters, when scheduled with courtesy around her busy schedule, she will hop on the phone to work through a story.

Landing a Spot in “5 Tech Tools That Could Change The Way Your Hospital Delivers Care”

HealthLeaders doesn’t rush to publish headlines and is very focused on quality storytelling. This story, from interview to run date, took from September 2018 to February 2019 – that’s close to 6 months.

The result was worth waiting for, though.

Upon print and digital publication, the client received a call from a hospital rep whose CEO circled the tech and placed it on his desk with a note saying, “We need this.” This is what media relations ROI dreams are made of!

To get this story off the ground, we had to deliver on many fronts. Obviously, and most easily, we delivered the founding team of the app for interview. The case study was the next step and the client was able to deliver on a media friendly hospital user. We had to work closely with the hospital media team to have this approved. Finally, not only did we have to produce the hospital user, but the hospital user preferably had quantitative ROI on the tech’s impact. This final element is what makes this story so valuable – it clearly lays out the outcomes in hard numbers.

The Takeaway

Not every engagement with HealthLeaders is going to look like this, but we hope this insight serves to show you some of the elements you might need in looking to land a story of this caliber in an outlet that matters to your target audience.