If you have attended CES, “noisy” doesn’t even begin to describe the show well.

Over the years, our team has worked on hundreds of CES public relations campaigns, supporting companies of all sizes, with various ranges of decked out exhibits, and showcasing countless demos.

We’re grateful for the sheer load of clients we’ve been lucky to represent at the show. But this year, for the sake of our sanity and for the sake of client results, we’re going to limit the noise and focus on one thing: quality.

This means quality campaign ideas that aren’t plug ‘n play approaches used on more clients than you want to know.

This means top-notch client communications because your team isn’t juggling updates to a slew of clients around the same topic when things move quickly.

This promises dedicated conversations with press about YOU at CES instead of being one of many in a bulleted list of clients attending CES (yes, that happens).

Budget will be a consideration – this level of quality doesn’t come for free, after all – but it is not the only criteria in our selection process.

If you are working on something big for CES 2020 and are looking for agency support, please apply by October 18, 2019. Five companies will be selected for finalist interviews for the week of October 21. The final three will be picked by October 28.

Fill out the application here.