“AM PR was wonderful to work with, especially for us as a new company with a new product, pre-market. Ashley took time to learn about us, our goals, and our technology, gave great advice, and helped us create a compelling message for our PR campaign. She was a responsive and supportive force, even working remotely during CES. I would also highly recommend her for media training for leadership and/or staff.”

Sarah Larkin

The Challenge

Like any product at CES, Titanium Falcon faced the reality of being lost in the crowd for a handful of reasons:

  1. Wearable devices are commonplace, even gesture control,
  2. The product had limited demos, and
  3. Product availability was delayed.

The challenges are not unique to Titanium Falcon, but make it tough to grab media attention when competition is at its highest at a show like CES.

The Goal

Titanium Falcon’s strongest demo and use case was in its smart home and gaming applications. For that reason, AM PR focused the campaign on reporters covering those beats. There is no shortage of reporters covering these areas at CES, and it allowed AM PR to keep the message under control to avoid getting brushed aside as a catch-all gadget without particular interest to any one journalist. With realistic expectations in light of limitations, a goal was set to have a pre-show story to drive interest to the booth, 10 demos scheduled for the show, and 10 pieces of coverage total. Lastly, CES was being used as a way to drive pre-orders. It was crucial stories mentioned this.

The Result

Titanium Falcon had 14 demos, 23 stories publish and garnered 224M impressions during CES. Titanium Falcon relied heavily on media relations to drive pre-orders and saw a direct bump in orders as stories published. Key highlights included:

  • A pre-show feature in VentureBeat on the device’s gaming capabilities and noting pre-order availability in the headline
  • National coverage in USA Today’s smart home round up

Inclusion in a smart home piece for Curbed, a top outlet for early adopters in the space