“Previous experience with PR agencies and campaigns left me uncertain of how to approach the media with our story. AM PR was thorough and thoughtful in capturing our growth, unique capabilities and impressive client wins in stories that garnered awareness for the agency during a time of opportunity for us. I fully trust AM PR to handle our story and deliver great results.” 

– Steve Alexander, founder & Chief Experiential Officer

The Challenge: 

MVRK is a special creative force in the experiential marketing world. As a tech-forward company already, it was positioned to pivot its approach easily when experiences shifted entirely digital as a result of COVID-19. The company sought to leverage an impressive case study with a global client and spread the word about how it pulled off the digital event. The biggest challenge facing the campaign was the same as any campaign built around a well-known client: getting approvals and ensuring MVRK wasn’t lost in the story.  

The Goal: 

Spreading the word about its latest client win sought to differentiate and draw attention to MVRK with other corporate marketing teams as they worked through pivoting plans in “the normal” from the pandemic. AM PR not only built the campaign around the client case study, it identified news to create around the technology used in the event. This gave the campaign the ultimate edge: hard news worth covering and the proof points to back up MVRK’s capabilities. 

The Result:

Stories were placed across a slew of relevant martech, technology and advertising/marketing news outlets read by the people that hire MVRK for campaigns: 

  • Gizmodo and AdWeek covered a unique project MVRK launched on the side to promote the agency.

The agency and its client were profiled in top-tier marketing outlets: MarTechSeries, MarTechZone, MediaPost, Corporate Event News and Marketing News.