The Challenge

VivaLNK came to AM PR requesting assistance taking its visibility to the next level, strategically pushing out content beyond organic posting and leaving press coverage promotion to the outlet, only. After considering VivaLNK’s target audience of decision makers and healthcare solution providers, AM PR utilized LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns to boost VivaLNK’s product and company news.

The Goal

AM PR launched a six-month LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign focused on maximizing and repurposing VivaLNK’s existing content to drive more website visits and increase its LinkedIn page engagements. The campaign also included fresh content the AM PR team worked hand-in-hand with the CEO to create for LinkedIn. This content was also used to raise the profile of his personal LinkedIn page. The content calendar included contributed articles, opinion pieces, and media coverage links that were relevant to targeted job roles in specific industries, including hospitals/healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and information technology.

The Result

AM PR’s content marketing strategy grew the company’s presence amongst key target audiences, growing the page’s impressions by more than 150 percent several months in a row, and increased clicks to coverage and the website by 500 percent.

The leap in presence and engagement occurred after extensive A/B testing on the audience targeting, ad visuals and ad copy. AM PR’s dedication to honing in on the perfect combination allowed the campaign to consistently maintain an Average Engagement Rate of .78%, significantly above the industry standard .05%, and an Average Click Through Rate of .57%,  also above the industry standard of .35-.45%.