The Challenge

Validity was a newly formed company in mid-2018 after a handful of acquisitions and restructuring. The marketing team created a robust content strategy for the company, including webinars, white papers and the launch of a blog, all in an effort to rebrand its products as well as the company.

The Goal

Ready to supplement its new efforts with earned placement to showcase expertise and product, AM PR’s earned media strategy was built around maximizing the reach of stories Validity was already telling. The strategy included traditional company and product media relations efforts, as well as a thought leadership strategy  targeting both marketing industry and client-industry publications where content could be repurposed or created. Every article published aligned with a specific tactic in the marketing team’s plan, serving to reemphasize what the company was already promoting, and give the content additional touchpoints.

The Result

Media relations efforts have capitalized on a steady mix of product and business news, with evergreen thought leadership content to achieve:

  • A regular column in top marketing technology outlet, Clickz, for the director of marketing, guaranteeing the spotlight in front of its most important audience – marketers.
  • Visibility in front of executive decision makers that matter most to the sales team in industry publications for retail, automotive, logistics and more.
  • Validity’s product news features in CRM- publications administrators are reading, including as DestinationCRM and MS Dynamics World, and larger marketing tech pubs like MarTech Series and MarTech Advisor

Support for recruitment efforts through local media profiles as the company aggressively grows – Tampa Bay Inno, 83 Degrees